LCSO Detention Facility Re-Entry Programs

The overall mission of the Re-entry programs offered by the Leon County Detention Facility (LCDF) is
to reduce inmate recidivism by providing all inmates assigned to the Re-entry Program with traumainformed, evidence-based, educational, and self-help programs prior to returning into Leon County.

Due to the restructuring of Detention Facility leadership and the preparation of upcoming re-entry programs for implementation, as well as the COVID-19 pandemic, programs built during 2019 and intended to launch in 2020, were temporarily postponed. These programs will be effective moving forward in 2021.

During October 2019, re-entry pods were developed for both male and female inmates with the ability to house approximately 60 males and 48 females. These pods provide pre-release services to inmates to assist in restructuring their mindset and focus for re-entering society.

Some of these programs include housing, substance abuse, mental health, counseling, and developing positive life choices strategies. The inmates participating in this program are a priority for services since they are near their release date. Part of the program also introduces the inmates to local community partners early on, such as TCC, Career Source Capital Region, as well as training courses for OSHA, CORE and IT allowing them to build working relationships prior to being released.

Inviting local businesses to hire formerly incarcerated:
In February 2021, 33 local business partners signed a “Pledge of Support” to hire formerly incarcerated inmates, exceeding the original goal of 25. With the help of business owners willingness to hire formerly incarcerated individuals, they gave the opportunity for them to become productive members of society and the ability to provide for themselves and their family.

Re-entry efforts will bring newly released inmates together with the necessary resources for moving from being incarcerated into being a productive citizen able to give back to the community. Through employment, taking care of personal responsibilities, as well as personal growth, these individuals will have a greater chance of not making the same negative life choices.

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